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By Moshe Lugasi
April 17, 2024

Follow the steps below to learn how to find trendy Dropshipping items and import them to your online store. Additionally, please take the time to read through our FAQ section to ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of the entire process and how you can make the most of our unique platform.

  1. Sign up to Dropi in order to get access to thousands of dropshipping products and their stats.
    you can learn more about dropi's features and how does it work in this article.

  2. Find new products by using Dropi's product research features.
    There are filter options at the top to narrow down the products by various criteria such as title, category, shipping location, and more. The listings below showcase different products with their ratings, images, and the date they were added to the platform.


  1. Click one of the products to access the product's info page where you can find valuable stats and spying tools such as: Competitor's Ad, Suppliers info and direct access, Other stores best selling items and live ads, videos and more.

    In this screen you can also find the "add to my store" button which will lead you to Aliexpress product page where you can import this product to you Shopify/Woo/Wix Store, Just follow this article for more information about how to import product from Aliexpress.


Frequently asked questions

How are the products picked?
Our team of marketing experts hand-picks all the items!

Unlike other software, we don’t solely rely on numbers but also utilize human intelligence to predict the potential of the items.​
We invest a lot of time and effort to find the best potential products so you can just promote them and make money.

Is your product research tool suitable for beginners or experienced dropshippers?

Dropi is a product research tool that is suitable for both beginners and experienced dropshippers. The tool is designed to help users find profitable products to sell on their online store.

For beginners, Dropi provides an easy-to-use interface that simplifies the product research process. The tool offers a range of filters and search options that allow users to find products based on their preferences. This makes it easy for beginners to find products that match their niche and target audience.

Experienced dropshippers can also benefit from using Dropi. The tool provides advanced features that allow users to analyze product data and trends. This data can be used to identify products that are likely to be profitable and to make informed decisions about which products to sell.

Overall, Dropi is a versatile product research tool that both beginners and experienced dropshippers can use.

How to upgrade my subscription to premium?

In order to upgrade Dropi to premium subscription and by that getting full access to all features to include all the research tools and unfair advantage over your competitors.

you need to do the following steps:

  1. Click "Plans" icon on the upper menu.

  2. Select your desired plan and click "Select".

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