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What is Dropi and How Does It Work?

By Moshe Lugasi
October 1, 2023

This guide will cover the Dropi app, including its functions and benefits for managing a dropshipping business.

What can I do with Dropi?

If you have an online store on Shopify, Wix, WooCommerce, or any other platform, you can use Dropi.

Dropi helps to scale your dropshipping business by giving access to thousands of trending dropshipping products and their important stats.

  • Import products from Aliexpress to Shopify, Woocommerce and Wix.

  • Find Trending Products and Stay Ahead of the Competition with Drop, Discover Profitable Dropshipping Items First and Boost Your Shopify Store Sales!

  • recommended upsells and cross sells - Elevate Your Promotions with Dropi – Find Matching Upsells to Increase Your Average Order Value and Drive More Sales!

  • Find trending Ecommerce stores in your niche - Outsmart Your Competitors with Dropi – Spy on Niche’s Best Performing Stores, Access Live Ads and Best Selling Products in Just 2 Minutes! Gain Competitive Edge with Dropi’s Quick and Powerful Insights!

  • In-depth market analysis - Experience the Difference with Dropi – Unlike Other Product Research Tools, We Provide Professional Marketers with In-Depth Insights for Informed Decision Making. Explore Products Efficiently with Dropi’s Powerful Features!

  • USA located products - Enhance Customer Service with Dropi – Sell Items from USA Warehouses and Improve Shipping Time! Filter Product Research by Location to Find Hot Products from USA and Beyond

  • Elevate Your Dropshipping Business with Dropi – Avoid Bad Suppliers and Focus on Quality Sales! We Provide the Best Suppliers and Items for Your Peace of Mind.

  • Optimize Your Marketing Efforts with Dropi – Expert Recommendations for the Right Marketing Platforms! Avoid Wasting Money and Time on Ads in the Wrong Places.

  • Uncover Your Competitors’ Strategies with Dropi – Access Live Ads and Best Selling Items. Gain a Competitive Edge and Achieve Faster Results on Your Path to Success.

How do i make money with Dropi?

1. Find - Use our tools to find profitable products, Markup the price, spy on competitors and read Dropi's Data, Import the product in your store. 

2. Promote - Send traffic to your store. 

3. Profit - fulfill the orders and calculate your profits. 

* How to calculate my profits? 

The customer pays the retail price you set in your store (supplier price + markup), you pay the suppliers their price cost, and the rest is your profit.

Here is a markup calculator to help you to calculate your profits

How will the products be shipped to my customers?

The shipping process is 100% handled by the marketplace/supplier you choose to dropship from, as Dropi is a third-party app, not a supplier or a shipping company.
We provie Information, marketing tips and other tools to help you.

Setup your store with Dropi

In this guide, we will walk through the process of setting up your store with Dropi

Search products to your store

Visit Dropi's home page to search for trending products based on your niche and other filters:


Learn about the product, Niche and spy on competitors

Click any product to access the ultimate power of Dropi!
Here you can find all the information and toold that you need in order to make the right decisions about this product

Import the product to your store

Fןnd the product you would like to list in your store, and click "Add to my store", change the price (Price Markup), title, description, and import the product to your store.

Click the link to learn how the Import process works on Shopify, Wix, WooCommerce.

Set up your shipping rates

When you use Dropi to sell products, the product is delivered from a supplier directly to your customer. Since Dropi app does not automatically import the supplier's shipping methods to your product page, you need to set up your shipping rates.

Click here to learn how to setup the shipping rate on Shopify

Click here to learn how to setup the shipping rate on Wix

Click here to learn how to setup the shipping rate on WooCommerce

Drive traffic to your store

Now that you have your product page listed and its content in place, it's time to market and send traffic to your new product.

Are we allowed to sell branded products?

Absolutely not, we do not recommend selling brand products in your store unless you have a license and permission to sell this brand. We give you the ability to import products to your online store. But, It is your responsibility to ensure you're not violating any copyright and trademark laws.

What should I consider when sourcing products from various websites through your platform?

Our platform allows users to find and import products from multiple websites, but it is crucial to be aware that not all of these sites are wholesale drop shippers.

Some sources offer dropshipping programs or services, while others do not. Additionally, website policies may change frequently, so it's important to regularly review the policies of each platform you plan to source products from. By staying informed and adhering to their terms of service, you can help ensure compliance and minimize potential legal risks. Please note that using our platform does not exempt you from your responsibility to comply with the policies of the websites you source products from, and we cannot be held liable for any violations or disputes that may arise from your use of these platforms.

Disclaimer: This page contains general information about legal matters intended for educational purposes only. It should not be taken as legal advice as the writer is not a lawyer. If in doubt, you should always contact a lawyer.

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